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The Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) is a non-profit organization which promotes scaffold safety and education through its publications, conventions, tradeshows & training programs. Marketing of your product is available through the monthly newsletter, convention & tradeshow. Currently almost 1,000 companies throughout North America and overseas participate as members.

The SIA was formed in 1972 initially to protect and promote the interests of dealers and distributors of access and scaffold equipment. Manufacturers were later added as regular members.
When a number of contractors expressed an interest in the programs and services of the SIA, we established two additional classes of membership (Allied and Affiliate) to include a broad range of interested groups. Since the early years we have become the voice and authority for the Scaffold & Access industry.
What Is our Objective?
To promote safety by developing educational & informational material, conducting educational seminars and training courses, providing audio-visual programs and codes of safe practices, and other training and safety aids.
To work with state, federal and other agencies in developing more effective safety standards.
To reduce accidents thereby reducing insurance costs.
To assist our members in becoming more efficient and profitable in their businesses.

What Have We Accomplished?
For the first time in history, access and scaffold companies, dealers, manufacturers, and others who use access, scaffolds and shoring equipment, have an organization to represent them in all phases of government.
We have a close liaison with State and Federal OSHA officials and have become the primary source of technical expertise in developing and interpreting industry standards.
The SIA has become a unifying force that continues to grow throughout the world
How Is It Structured?
The Association is divided into regional chapters, each having its own officers and directors. The Executive Committee, consisting of national officers, and the Board of Directors, representing the chapters, set the policies which govern the Association.
The major work of the Association is accomplished through separate councils concentrating on major segments of our industry. These include:
Aerial Platforms Council
International Council
Mast Climbing Council
Permanent Installation (P.l.) Council

Plank Council

Suspended Scaffolds Council

Supported Scaffolds Council for Frame, Tube & Clamp and System
Who Is In It?
Aerial platform dealers and distributors.
Scaffold and shoring erectors and renters.
Manufacturers of aerial platforms, access equipment, scaffolds, shoring, and allied items.
Manufacturers of Permanent Installations (P.l.) equipment for exterior building maintenance.
Suspended scaffold renters and operators.
Plank and platform manufacturers and distributors.

Contractors, subcontractors, insurance and computer companies, engineers, safety consultants, government officials, trade and labor representatives and other interested parties.
What’s In It For You?
Legislation – Through conferences, seminars and conventions. the Association works with governmental, legislative and administrative groups on both state and federal levels to develop reasonable standards.
Directory and Handbook – This valuable publication provides the following:
Access to membership information.
Handy guide to products and services provided by members.
Selected federal and state scaffold standards.
Information on plank testing, plank spans and grading rules for scaffold planks.
Newsletter – A most effective medium for reporting changes in regulations, and educating members regarding proper procedures and safety techniques.
Codes of Safe Practice – These have been developed by the Association for the following:
Frame scaffolds, system scaffolds, tube and clamp scaffolds and rolling scaffolds.
Suspended scaffolds.

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Steel frame shoring.
Inspection of plank scaffold
Education – Conferences and seminars sponsored by the chapters bring members face-to-face with Safety Officials, providing an opportunity to work out solutions to problems they face in their businesses.
Video and slide presentations on the safe use of various types of scaffolds have been developed by the SIA and are available for purchase.
Training Programs – Currently there are 3 scaffolding training programs available: They are the Primary Access Training Program (PAT), Scaffolder Level #1 and Scaffolder Level #2. Contact the SIA office for information.
Convention & Exposition – Provides opportunities for discussion of mutual problems, exploring possible solutions with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere. The Exposition provides an opportunity to display and view new products, equipment and ways of increasing business efficiency. Many members report they can’t wait to incorporate new ideas and products introduced at the annual convention and exposition.
Participation – Participation is an important aspect of membership, since the best way to learn is by informal contact with others in your industry. Regional conferences, Committee Week, Convention & Exposition, educational seminars, participation on SIA and ANSI committees, all give you an opportunity to meet with your peers. This is an invaluable learning process.
ANSI (American National Standards Institute) – The Association maintains active representation on various committees accredited by ANSI which develop scaffold standards affecting its members. These include:

SHSB Representation on the Safety & Health Standards
A10.8 Safety Requirements for Scaffolding.
A39.1 Safety Requirements for Window Cleaning.
A92 Secretariat for Aerial Platforms
A92.2 Vehicle Mounted Elevating and Rotating
A92.3 Manually Propelled Elevating Work
A92.5 Boom-Supported Elevating Work
A92.6 Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms.

A92.9 Mast-Climbing Work Platforms.

A120.1 Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance.
Z359 Standards for Fall Protection.
Insurance – SIA Insurance Co. (Risk Retention Group), Ltd., provides comprehensive general liability insurance for members who qualify at competitive rates.
Goals of the SIA
Provide the forum that will improve the professional capabilities of SIA members, their employees and other interested parties by timely gathering and disseminating technical, financial, safety and management information .
Develop and conduct safety, training and educational programs and conferences to promote the safe use of our products.

Promote consistency in user training and education.

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Become the vehicle for uniformity in the promotion of scaffold safety.

Assist federal, state, provincial and local governing bodies in improving scaffold standards and create a cohesive industry approach to the development of access and scaffold related standards.

Represent the SIA before government agencies and other public forums.

Increase public awareness of technological advances in our industry with regard to its products, services and practices.

Raise the SlA’s visibility within the industry/community.

Promote the professional image of the industry.

Improve the working relationship between manufacturers, dealers, users, and other interested parties

Promote SIA membership to all individuals and firms which manufacture, sell, rent, lease or use access, scaffolding, shoring and forming equipment, and related products and services.

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